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At Ultimate Performance we specialize in custom builds and restomods! If you have a classic car or hotrod/racecar stop in or give us a call so we can help you turn your dream into reality. We have built many bad ass cars/4wd's including Chevelles, Corvettes, Camaros, Broncos, Mustangs, Cobras, Raptors, Trucks and more! We take the utmost pride in building the best cars around! 

We also specialize in custom fabrication. No job is too big or too small. Some of our more interesting fab jobs have been welding on a titanium artificial limb prototype, repairing welds inside 20,000 gallon wine vats, and building a stainless steel counter top for a custom home!

While we will tackle almost any welding and fab job, our forte is the automotive performance market. We design and build custom turbo kits, headers, intercoolers, intake and exhaust manifolds, collectors, motor mounts, roll cages and complete exhaust systems. We also powder coat upon request. We are proficient at welding and sealing aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, cast iron and more! Don't hesitate to call and talk to us about your special project!


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The Ultimate Performance Racecar


2000 Mustang GT built entirely by Matt and Ultimate Performance

The car has a certified 10 pt cage and through floor sub frame connectors, Corbeau racing seats, rci 6 pt racing harnesses, tubular k member, wilwood 6 piston brakes, coilover suspension, fully adjustable shocks, powered by a twin turbo Ford Modular 4.6L 4V engine making 1366 HP to the tires, power is transferred through a BTE top sportsman powerglide transmission and PTC torque converter. 

The car has gone a best of 8.52@167 MPH at Albuquerque Dragway on low boost. Faster times to come!

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