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Our World Is Made For Cars.

You will find it difficult to even make a living without access to a properly working vehicle. Keeping cars

on the road and in top working order is the goal of Ultimate Performance, your Albuquerque, New Mexico automotive maintenance experts.

From automotive repair to advanced upgrades designed to make your car rule the road, we have what it takes to ensure that your car is working  up to your expectations. It is with this attitude that we say,

“If you’re not moving up, you’re going down!”

There is nothing like hitting the open highway with a full tank of gas, a  loud engine, and tons of speed.

At Ultimate Performance, we know what you are looking for. We have qualified professionals who know all there is about car performance upgrades. If you give us the chance, we can have your car cruising faster than ever before. We know how to achieve  speed without breaking the bank. We are experts in auto performance and know  how to treat your car right. If you desire a faster ride and are into car racing , then talk to us at Ultimate Performance.

Ultimate Performance has been in business for over 5 years. While our company  is relatively new, our 30 years of combined experience in the shop has been  consistently turning customers into believers. We work with you directly  to achieve automotive miracles. We can repair your broken or struggling vehicle and make it perform better than before. Tell us what you had in  mind for your vehicle, and we will make it happen.

In our shop, the customer always comes first. Your wish is our command! Put us to the test, and let us amaze you. Stop by Ultimate Performance, and speak with our professionals today.

If you're not moving up, you're going down!

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